Неудобният момент на принц Хари и Меган Маркъл става вирусен и предизвиква гняв | Кралски | Новини

Неудобният момент на принц Хари и Меган Маркъл става вирусен и предизвиква гняв | Кралски | Новини

Принц Хари намлява Меган Markle attended the Trooping of the Colour as working royals in 2019 and now a video from the event is going viral. The two were seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony with their royal relatives and it appeared there was a bit of confusion between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In the clip, the Duchess of Sussex is seen standing in front of Harry, and when she instinctively turns around to speak to her husband, he appears to say to her: “Turn. »

She does, but then, she turns again to face Harry. He seems to say to the Duchess again: « Turn around. »

The quick exchange between Harry and Meghan was caught on camera and has landed over at TikTok with 600,000 views and growing.

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The video caption reads: “Never forget! She couldn’t turn her head on the royal balcony.”

There are a number of comments expressing concern for Meghan, saying things like, “Soooo glad they got out:) she rescued him. »

Another read: « Now I feel kind of sorry for her. »

But another said: « It’s like she’s not even willing to learn royal protocol and gets mad if forced to.”

When it comes to standing on Buckingham Palace balcony, there’s « no fixed list of attendees » says Town&Country, because every occasion is different.

But, there is a fixed rule, that says “no ring, no bring,” meaning no boyfriends or girlfriends, only spouses.

кралица Виктория was the first monarch to stand on the balcony to greet the public, which took place in 1851. From there, the balcony was utilized for big events, like weddings, in which people people would gather to celebrate.

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