„Аз съм автомонтьор – собствениците на бензинови и дизелови двигатели трябва да излязат, ако помиришат това“

„Аз съм автомонтьор – собствениците на бензинови и дизелови двигатели трябва да излязат, ако помиришат това“

Leading car mechanic Scotty Kilmer has urged бензин намлява дизел drivers to “get out of their cars immediately” if they experience one smell while travelling. 

Being able to smell fuel while behind the wheel is not a good sign and could suggest a major leak. 

This could see road users being forced to visit a garage to be fitted with costly repairs in a massive blow. 

Mr Kilmer stresses road users should not immediately panic as there could be an innocent explanation.

However, he urged motorists to explore the issue quickly so a possible problem could be diagnosed. 

Говорейки в канала си в YouTube, Mr Kilmer explained: “If your car smells of gasoline while driving, don’t freak out.

“Customers have brought me cars that smelled of gasoline and the only thing wrong was they forgot to put the gas cap on when they filled it up with gas. 

“Or the gas cap just wore out. This one is not round anymore, it’s all dirty and flat, it needs a new cap.

“You need to realise if you smell gasoline but you don’t see it, it’s probably a vapour leak so it’s either that or it’s a part called the event canister vent valve. They often go bad, they vent fumes and then it smells. 

“Now let’s say you’ve got a liquid gasoline smell, check the fuel injectors and the fuel lines, You’ll see it.

« Let’s say it only leaks at high speed, you look at the fuel injectors, If three of them are all dirty and one is whistle clean, that’s the leaking one nausea the gasoline will make it all; shiny by cleaning them.

“So if your car smells of gasoline don’t freak out, find out what’s wrong and fix it.”

Според Щракнете върху Механик, the smell of fuel inside the cabin could also be a sign of a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

A bad smell could also indicate the vehicle has some loose spark plugs or an exhaust leak. 

But, it could be an indicator that there is a leak in the fuel system which could have devastating consequences. 

They explained: “It could be due to a leak in the fuel line or a puncture somewhere within the fuel system components. 

“It’s absolutely critical that you do not drive a vehicle in this condition before getting it inspected by a mechanic.”

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