Шофьорът на доставка Evri разкрива заплащането на ден и колко колета оставя | Великобритания | Новини

Шофьорът на доставка Evri разкрива заплащането на ден и колко колета оставя | Великобритания | Новини

Evri drivers must be prepared to work hard to earn high, as their pay depends on the type and volume of packages they deliver, a courier has said.

YouTuber Isaac, a career delivery driver who ferries packages for firms like Amazon and Evri, has given Britons a glimpse inside his daily life by recording a video of himself on the job.

Isaac has garnered tens of thousands of views after he posted a video discussing his career on the platform.

In his video, the driver provided unique insight into the daily lives of drivers who choose to make a living by delivering packages.

He revealed that people who choose to drive for the firm can expect select rates for delivering different types of packages.

Isaac’s video, which has garnered 12,000 views, captures the courier sitting in the driver’s seat of his van as he explains that collections earn drivers a 50p flat rate.

He added that « postable » packages net drivers slightly less and that the earnings increase slightly with each package size graduation.

He said: « To summarise, you’re getting 50p a collection no matter what you’re collecting.

« A postable gets you 38p, despite some postables not being able to be actually posted. »

« You get 47p per packet that you deliver – and there’s going to be a lot of packets.

He added: « Your standard box gets you about 63p unless it’s heavy or you have to use two hands because, then, it’s £1. »

Ultimately, the sheer number of packages drivers deliver can net them up to £100 per day, and some earn even more.

One YouTube user commenting below the video said his friend earns « over £750 a week because of how many [deliveries] he does daily ».

Speaking to LADbible, a spokesman for Evri said the company’s couriers are paid « above the National Living Wage ».

They said the average courier receives in excess of £17 per hour and touted the firm’s benefits.

The spokesman said: « Evri is committed to good employment practices, and it was this commitment that led us to be the first parcel company to introduce holiday pay, the right to guaranteed pay, an automatic pension scheme, and parental leave for our couriers.

« If any courier feels that they have received pay which is different from what they were expecting, we ask that they contact their manager so that we can look into this immediately. »

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